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Air Trap Spheres

Pale Yellow

Super Jetson III , Theater Masks, Skulls

Uranium Yellow  · (fluoresces under ultraviolet light)

      Super Jetson III  Jetson, Double O Seven

 Rectangle, Skulls, Rectangle Rendezvous

Uranium Green · ( fluoresces under ultraviolet light )

Super Jetson III , Jetson,  Bubble Sphere

Pale Turquoise

Super Jetson III , Paradox,

Number 10, Bubble Sphere

Dark Turquoise



Jetson, Skewed Squares,  Bubble Sphere,

Super Jetson III


        Super Jetson III,  Skulls,

Theater Mask, Double Rectangle

Super Jetson III and Jetsons
Super Jetson III and  two Jetson  in uranium glass

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